VanCon 2014

Two of the greatest shows ever are Vancouver-based productions and film only 30mins apart, Supernatural in Vancouver and the surrounding area while Once Upon A Time mostly occupies a single stretch of road in Richmond. However, each have filmed in the others' backyard a time or two and I can think of no better way to show appreciation than to see these places for ourselves and even stay awhile during the Supernatural Vancouver Convention hosted by Creation Entertainment in 2014.
Note: Two years is a long time, so the information provided is based on past cons, GoogleMaps estimations and a general idea of this magical week in Storybrooke and the Supernatural side of Vancouver. 


-Jared and Jensen have just signed on for season 10 of Supernatural, meaning as long as the CW keeps renewing, they'll keep filming.
-CW President loves Supernatural
-Jeremy Carver is co-showrunning with Supernatural veteran Robert Singer and the 'Carver Edlund' writing team is back in action.
-Jeremy Carver has a notecard on the far side of the writing board stating: "Season 10"
-The boys have always said as long as we keep wanting the show, they'll keep doing it.
-Teen Choice Award winners: 2006, 2011
-TV Guide first annual Fan Favorite, 2010
-TV Guide Comic Con cover, 2012
-Fan Conventions all over the world.
-150 episodes and counting

-Fly out
-Taxi from Vancouver International Airport to Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

($30 w/tip)
-settle in, relax, explore, eat


-Walking Location Tour
The official Supernatural Location Tour held before and after the convention is a little pricy, about $306.75 each, but with some help from Supernatural Locations DOT Com, just taking a 15min walk through Vancouver you can see more than any official Tour.


Supernatural Location Manager Russ Hamilton takes you out to closed sets you can't just walk or drive into with an ample supply of great behind the scenes stories - not to mention complete and utter bullshit - for the ride, so it really is worth the money.

Russ will be doing two tours, one on Thursday and one on Monday. Here's the tentative timing for each day's tour, lunch is included.

8:45am – Creation representative loads bus, collects tickets and liability waivers from all attendees. Waivers will be supplied on site and must be signed prior to boarding bus.
9:00am – Bus leaves hotel, drives to and stops at various locations
12:30pm – Lunch stop (time approximate)
5:00pm – Bus returns to hotel
Seating on the bus tours are naturally quite limited. Please order quickly


-Registration 10:00am
(join the line between 8:30-9:00)
(click for banner details)

-guest panels
-autograph signings


The one and only super-popular Misha Collins is setting a course for the beautiful Vancouver Harbor with a delightful dinner cruise which will go around Stanley Park and down into False Creek and under the stately Granville and Burrard bridges. You will see the B.C. Place Stadium and Rogers Arena where the Canucks play and we turn around at Telus Science World.                                      
This three hour scenic tour and The Pride of Vancouver vessel is exclusively for Misha and our intrepid fans and YOU are invited to participate in this exciting attraction! We have a very limited number of openings for this event (which sold out super-fast last year).


OUR KREATION KARAOKE KINGS HAVE NOT YET SPOKEN! THE NEW THEME FOR THE 2014 Salute to SUPERNATURAL Convention in Jersey in to yet selected but as soon as THE KINGS have decreed we will advise. Above see Matt and Richard in their 3013 duds of the "Class of 2013 Supernatural" Convention. On Friday of The New Jersey Creation Entertainment Salute to Supernatural we are happy to present this special FREE PARTY for all! RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR & MATT COHEN, our KARAOKE KINGS, are large and in charge of our famous Free Karaoke Parties! And don't forget to pick up your exclusive photo op with the guys spiffed out in their themed shades and duds (theme to be announced, but it is always a blast!) and your photo op is an awesome souvenir to a night you'll remember, available at our photo op section! They will be joined (tentatively) at the party by special guests, generally those appearing on Friday, but you never know who Richard and Matt will get to show up!


-guest panels
-autograph signings

Gold Weekend Package only where fans will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with our celebrity guests in this exclusive party. Guests will come around and meet all attendees personally! Any guests form the weekend are likely to appear, aside from the boys of course. Imagine the mayhem!


-guest panels
-autograph signings



Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Downtown Granville
1250 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I spent a week straight staring at my computer screen, mapping out the perfect route to include as many locations as possible (more to come as the series progresses ;-). This adds up to an 8-9hr day of travel throughout British Columbia from breakfast at Denny's (location) and Gold's cabin in North Vancouver back to Vancouver to Burnaby with a slight side trip to Coquitlam, then back en route to New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, Surrey again, Delta and finally Richmond. I have this route memorized and will no doubt be an expert on this little journey when the time comes.

Again, this could not have been accomplished just as a planning stage never mind actually going to these places, without the help of Supernatural Locations DOT Com. I can not thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into your location lists, making it that much easier for me to create my own. California last year was a complete success and I know this will be, too! =)
(click map for detailed location tour)

Follow the Link to "Storybrooke" ;-)


  1. When is Supernatural going to come to Salt Lake City Comicon?

  2. How did you order the tours with Russ? Through Creation Entertainment?

  3. honestly, it would be cheaper to take the skytrain from YVR to the hotel than it would be to taxi

  4. Hi - does anyone know where I can buy a photo op ticket for the 2014 Sunday ? They are sols out on the webpage...

  5. Whats the closest you guys get to San angelo TX? or where do yall go in TX for conventions?


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